Program Overview and Eligibility Requirements
Program Overview: Students spend 1 academic year at one of our participating high schools (August-May).
Upon completion of their senior year (grade 12), and issuance of a high school diploma, students matriculate to New Mexico State University as a Freshman (grade 9). More program details are ad-dressed in the program services and fees section.
Student Profile: The program is designed specifically for high school students that
have completed grade 11 or its U.S. equivalent overseas. Chervenock International prides itself on quality as well as having a positive reputation amongst New Mexico’s secondary and post secondary educational institutions. Therefore, we expect high quality,mature, goal-oriented students that are ready to immerse them-
selves in U.S. academia as well as everyday life in the U.S.
Eligibility Requirements: GPA
High school students that have completed 11th grade in their home countries and that are in good academic standing (2.75 GPA or better) are eligible for the program.
Eligibility Requirements: English Proficiency
Students must provide proof of English language proficiency. Chervenock International requires a score of 500 paper-based or 61 internet-based or better on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or a score of 6.0 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Additional eligibility requirements are covered in the application section.
New Mexico High School Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate from a Las Cruces Public High School, the following common core courses/units are required. To be considered a Senior (grade 12) students must be able to transfer 21 credits to a Las Cruces High School.
English: 4 units/courses
Mathematics: 4 units/courses
Social Studies: 3.5 units/courses
• NM History (.5 credits)
• World History/Geography
• Government/Economics
Science: 3.5 units/courses
• Health (.5 credits)
• Science with two laboratory components
• 1 additional science class
Physical Education: 1 unit/course
Career Cluster Workplace Readiness or language other than
English: 1 unit/course
AP, Distance Learning or Dual Credit: 1 unit/course
Electives: 12 units/courses
Total Required Credits: 29
Housing Options
Students stay in one of Chervenock International’s Guest Houses or Homestay Programs for the duration of their final year in high school. Accommodations may be single or double occupancy depending on availability and will include two meals a day (breakfast and dinner), high speed wifi, laundry facilities and common spaces
for studying and relaxing. Chervenock International’s host families are fully screened with FBI background checks and have completed Chervenock International’s comprehensive training program prior to being allowed to host our students.
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