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Hang Ngo
Computer Science, Undergraduate Student

The thing I like best about New Mexico State University is that it offers many opportunities for me to develop my potential. Our university offers lots of programs and resources for students to take part in.

Las Cruces is a small city with warm weather, which I like the most. Las Cruces is also a very affordable city to live in.

 New Mexico State University has a  very strong Computer Science program with great professors. Also, our school has good scholarships for international students so that they afford to study at the university.

New Mexico State University offers scholars for international students. If students do not have good English proficiency, they can still be conditionally admitted to an undergraduate program and have one year to increase their English skills in NMSU’s Center for English Language Programs.

Khoi Hoang
Computer Science, Graduate Student

Friendly atmosphere, helpful and committed professors.

Low living cost, quiet, good food and cold weather in the winter.

I know a professor in computer science. His name is Son Tran and he is famous and very knowledgeable in Artificial Intelligence.

There are many Vietnamese student which are very friendly. I have fun here. And NMSU provides a very good studying environment.

Linh Do
Economics, Graduate Student

The professors are knowledgeable and helpful and the students are very nice.

It’s a peaceful place and the weather is good (though it’s hot in the summer but that’s fine).

The tuition fee is relatively low compared to the high quality it offers. It has a long history and ranking is rather good.

Nha Quynh Nguyen
Finance, Undergraduate Student

New Mexico State University is a good place for studying. It’s a peaceful place so that we can concentrate on our learning process. The faculty and students are also friendly.

There are some beautiful mountains to go hiking.

The tuition fee is very affordable when international students get the out-of-state scholarship.

This is quiet and peaceful place for studying. The programs are good ante tuition fee as well as other fees (like accommodation and transportation) are not very expensive.

Nhi Do
Finance, Undergraduate Student

New Mexico State University is a good place to study. The students and teachers here are very friendly and they are always ready to help whenever you are in trouble.

Las Cruces is a peaceful place. The weather is warm it is a very good place for for people who do not like cold weather. Moreover, there are some mountains that you can go hiking and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The tuition fees are pretty cheap compared to other universities in the U.S. and there are not many Vietnamese students here so it is a good environment to study and learn English.

Low tuition fees. Warm weather. Peaceful place with friendly people.

Quan Do
Computer Science, Graduate Student

High quality education, nice campus, good community, inexpensive rent, warm weather, nice people, very diverse city.

Weather, people, good food, low prices.

Research reputation, low cost, Tier 1 public university.

It’s a very big university compared to Vietnamese standard. It’s a very good place for studying! No distractions but also fun! Good reputation on research. Nice, hard working and intelligent Vietnamese students study here. Most of them are high achieving students.

Nguyen Vy Thao Le
Grade 12 High School Student at
Las Cruces High School

Las Cruces high school is a friendly and exciting high school to study at. I feel very supported by my teachers and advisors. Students are friendly and the campus is beautiful.

The city is small and peaceful. I feel very safe when living here. Friends are very close to each other here and the city is very affordable to live in.

My family and I were attracted to the program because of the cost. As soon as I graduate from Las Cruces High School, I will attend New Mexico State University at resident or in-state tuition. I will also receive a scholarship because of my good grades in high school that will cover much of my tuition and fees for my undergraduate degree.

It is not a dangerous place. We live with American families and there is no crime or dangerous events that happen. People are friendly with foreigners like Asians or Mexicans.

Van Nguyen
Computer Science, Graduate Student

Tuition fee is cheaper than many other universities.

Las Cruces is a peaceful city and living expenses are very affordable.

My brother finished his Ph.D degree at NMSU and suggested that I apply for a graduate position at NMSU because he believes NMSU is a good university for me.

I think the facilities at NMSU is one thing that can have a strong impression for Vietnamese students and families.

Tiep Le
Computer Science, Graduate Student

Living cost is very cheap. There is no typhoon, storms or tornados. The lifestyle here is very easy-going, not as rushed or busy as in other big cities.

The tuition fee is cheap and the quality is okay. There is one Vietnamese professor at NMSU who works in Computer Science that I am interested in.

The living cost here is much cheaper than that of other US cities and requirement for English is not high.

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