International Student & Foreign Teacher Recruitment

Universities and colleges worldwide are increasingly looking to international students to sustain and grow student enrollment, achieve internationalization goals and bolster student diversity across their respective campuses. Additionally, demands for qualified teachers (both ESL and subject-specific) is increasing—especially in China.


Foreign Teacher Recruitment

Securing a teaching position abroad can be a complicated endeavor. More than ever, China is needing qualified teachers to provide high level instruction for its growing number of English language learners. Additionally, private and public schools at the primary and secondary levels as well as universities are eager to hire content-specific teachers (primarily STEM) as a compliment to their existing curriculum and instruction.

Study New Mexico USA’s Teach in China team is your partner in navigating the seemingly endless teaching opportunities and layers of institutional and government bureaucracy that can make securing a teaching position in China a daunting task.

What We Offer

  • Our China-based team will share your resume/CV across our network of schools to find a position that is right for you.
  • Once our China-based team has established some solid employment leads, our US-based team will contact you with the details of the position (salary, location, benefits, etc.)
  • Your initial questions regarding the employment offers will be answered by our US- based team.
  • Once you decide on a position, our US team will notify the China-based team and a contract will be issued by the school.
  • Both teams (China and US) will assist you with understanding the details outlined within the contract. We will also assist/guide you with salary and benefits negotiations.
  • Our services are 100% free. We collect a small commission from your employer for our services.

Available Positions

Foreign Teacher in China (International High Schools, Private Language Schools Public Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities)

Available Subject Areas

English Language Instruction or Subject Specific Positions (i.e., History, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Economics, Statistics)


Varies (across mainland China)

Typical Work Schedule

  • 5 working days per week
  • Typically 6.5 hours per day
  • Working hours are typically less than 33 hours per week

Typical Class Size

  • Up to 25 students per class
  • Preparing for and delivering daily intensive English language courses to a variety of learners (i.e., listening and speaking, reading and writing, grammar and vocabulary) and/or subject matter specific lessons in the content areas listed above;
  • Performing necessary classroom management and student assessment;
  • Offering ongoing assistance to academic director(s) on curriculum development,
    student assessment, syllabi creation and student retention;
  • Applying new ideas and approaches in subject teaching practice;
  • Appropriately and effectively utilizing digital technologies to support student
  • Focusing on improving students’ critical and creative thinking ability;
  • Improving the quality of students’ learning;
  • Assisting with professional development planning for foreign as well as Chinese
  • Participating in student recruitment activities and business development activities.
  • Earned Bachelors degree with at least six months post graduate professional work experience;
  • Teaching credentials, Teacher License or TEFL/ TESOL certificate strongly preferred;
  • Native English speaker preferred. Non-native English speakers will be considered based on fluency and accent;
  • Passport holder from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand strongly preferred;
  • Ability to live abroad for at least one year;
  • Ability to obtain a clear background check;
  • Strong commitment to teaching and international education;
  • Confident in teaching your subject and engaging each students in learning;
  • Responsible for yourself, responsive to and respectful of others;
  • Reflective as an instructor to further strengthen your praxis;
  • Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges;
  • Engaged intellectually, professionally and socially, ready to make a difference

Benefits and Arrival Support


Monthly salaries range from 16,000 to 30,000 RMB per month ($2,400-$4,500) depending on experience, level of education and type of teaching position secured.


Furnished housing with Wifi is typically provided. If housing is not offered, many employers offer a monthly housing allowance. In the event that housing is not provided, assistance to secure housing will be offered by your employer.


Depending on the employer, airfare may be purchased for the teacher or reimbursed after arrival. These details will be fully disclosed in the contract after initial acceptance of the offer is received.


Standard health insurance will be provided by employer.


Varies depending on employer and position offered. All official vacation days are paid.

Airport Pickup & Orientation

Teachers will be greeted at the airport by representatives from your school. On-site orientation will be conducted to familiarize teachers with the school, your city/town and surrounding area.

Get Started Today

Please send an email and attach your resume to Dr. Kristian Chervenock at to get started.

International Student Recruitment

We specialize in connecting Institutions of Higher Education around the world with key international student target markets. Our services are comprehensive and fully-customizable ranging from assistance with student recruitment, the admissions process, marketing and branding to establishing public and private partnerships.

Engage with Mexico

With a combined 25+ years experience working closely with secondary and post secondary  educational systems, government ministries and private and public corporations across Mexico, Engage International is the leading expert on accessing a variety of markets across Mexico. Engage International is ready to assist your institution achieve its international initiatives in Mexico.

Our Services

  • Fully customizable to suit every client’s strategic internationalization goals
  • Undergraduate Student Recruiting
  • Graduate Student  Recruiting
  • Exclusive Client Only Recruitment Fairs
  • Recruitment Road Shows
  • Branding and Market Intelligence
  • Marketing & Promotion (Social Media, Print, Radio, Television, Mobile and Stationary Advertising)
  • Enrollment Management Assistance
  • Partnership development (Government, Private & Public Sector Industry)

Contact Us

In the United States

1708 Aspen Ave.
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005
+1 575 644 1714

In Vietnam

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+84 904 958 396

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