About Us

At Study New Mexico USA, we consider ourselves specialists in the ever expanding field of international student mobility. With over a decade’s worth of experience within international education, we’ve amassed the knowledge, experience and partnerships, both domestically and abroad, to facilitate student mobility for a multitude of programs and stakeholders.

For students and families abroad that are looking for high quality, affordable secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities in the U.S.,Study New Mexico USA offers a portfolio of programs designed for the budget conscious consumer. We know that many international students don’t have the financial means necessary to pay out-of-state or non-resident tuition at U.S. universities, and as such, our efforts are focused on developing pathways to undergraduate and graduate programs that are affordable and available to the masses—not just the financially elite. For more information about our programs, please click here or visit our Programs page.

For educational institutions, both abroad or in the U.S., considerStudy New Mexico USA your ally in developing new, or expanding existing international collaborations and partnerships. We help develop strategies and programs that will support your organization’s internationalization goals or refine existing processes to align with best practices that facilitate growth and efficiency in international student recruitment, enrollment management and retention. Knowing that there is no “one-size fits all” recipe that eases the complexity of this work,Study New Mexico USA embraces the uniqueness of each of its clients to co-construct an international plan customized to each organization. For more information aboutStudy New Mexico USA’s consulting services, please click here or visit our Consulting page.

Our Mission

To establish high-quality and affordable educational programs for international students seeking secondary and post-secondary opportunities in the U.S.A.

Our Vision

Our creativity and years of experience in the field of international education promises the highest quality programs and consulting services for our partners and our students.

12 years experience in International Education

  • Ph .D. in Curriculum  and Instruction
  • Director  Center for English Language Programs
  • Director, Office of Education Abroad
  • Int. Director, Office of International Student and Scholar Services
  • Director, Office of International Initiatives
    Special Assistant to the Provost for International Programs
  • President and Managing Director Study New Mexico USA
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